Bilawa Ade Respati is an Indonesian musician and performing artist based in Berlin. He performs on the Javanese Gamelan and the guitar, composing music for both instruments. In recent time, he also started experimenting with electronic music and algorithmic music composition. Aside performing as a soloist, his broad artistic interest is channeled into various collaborations.

Formally trained in Engineering Physics, he specializes in acoustic signal processing and music information retrieval, especially on the analysis of Javanese gamelan music. Parallel to his formal training as an engineer, he is also learning classical guitar, Javanese gamelan, and music composition, from various teachers as well as autodidacticaly.

In his works, he takes a syncretic approach drawing from his various backgrounds: from engineering to performing art, from European music tradition to the art of Javanese Karawitan. His current artistic interest lies in the dialectic between tradition and innovation, as well as the revaluation of traditional values in contemporary life. Under his other name Sastraswara, he summarizes his interest on the science of sound, literature, and his personal philosophy in approaching his works.

Respati performed the gamelan both in classical and contemporary style, and performed with the gamelan ensemble Arum Sih (√úberseemuseum Bremen), Sekar Kenanga (Elbphilharmonie Hamburg), and Lindhu Raras (Haus der Indonesischen Kulturen, Berlin). He collaborates for dance productions with the company rubarb dance & art, under the direction of the choreographer Ruben Reniers. His past collaboration includes the Berlin-based Indonesian art collective Soydivision and OKNUM, a duet for guitar and electronics.