La Gran Drama-tisch

Photos by Dico Baskoro and Rita Couto.

Program Description

Right next to Tempelhofer Feld: performative/installative actions and a full meal course happening outdoors and indoors. In coproduction with Sari-Sari e.V., LaLoVe´s Kitchen, Soy Division and Nowhere Kitchen present: the world’s largest, everlasting collective ensemble bistro performance parade: “La Gran Drama-Tisch”! A dramaturgical table where everyone’s welcome.

For La Gran Drama-Tisch under the direction of Lalo Gomes, the collectives LaLoVe´s Kitchen, Soy Division and Nowhere Kitchen created a culinary-themed ritual drama to be staged in the carless streets of Schillerkiez. In meshing all their ingredients - dance movement, live spoken word, theatrical performances, concrete music/installation and a three course meal - into an improvised/structured dramaturgical recipe, they produce a kaleidoscopical moving fiesta, transforming the hood into a shared urban fantasy of a timeless, plug-and-play, pancultural village.

Approximately six-hours long, the collective ensemble parade comprises three main culinary performative stations, duration of two hours each. One-to-one, all three collectives present an associative, freewheeling performance experience with a significant dish. Three collectives, three stations, three meals. In connection with this sequence of events and food, the parade moves through the streets, while stopping at each station. During closure, Oh My Choir & Passiflora offer a LIVE concert.

La Gran Drama-Tisch is more than the sum of all the artistic and cooking actions that make it up, that give it a unique concept and multidisciplinary approach. Generating collectivity through the work, working with excited people from every corner and occupations, inspire the neighborhood and its public venues towards cultural participation and collaboration - this is what motivates the project to do real. With an extensive creative period and multiple efforts joined, artists, enthusiasts opened up possibilities of making the project itself a paragon of current human interaction possibilities and social contexts in which meaning is co-constructed.

(Text by Lalo Gomes)


The sound piece Petta was played as part of the installation.

Interview: Georgen, Annabelle. “Kulinarische Parade.” Siegesäule Magazine, 2021.

Für mich sind Rezepte dramaturgische Werkzeuge einer Verwandlung – und zwar nicht nur der von Zutaten. Kochen ist Drama. (Lalo Gomes in an interview with Annabelle Georgen)


Concept, Direction, Curation: Lalo Gomes
Production management: Dima Andari Djoehara
Program assistant: Yaknel Elorza

Artistic Performances from

LaLoVe´s Kitchen: Lalo Gomes, Gonzalo Diessler (Divina Encarnación), Christian Herrera
Nowhere Kitchen: Pepe Dayaw, Sarah Philippa Greenspan, Sangeeta Lerner
Soydivision: Ariel W. Orah, Nindya Nareswari, Bilawa Respati
Afojubá Berlin
Passiflora LIVE
Oh My Choir

Costumes & Clothing Stand: Furtacor Designs Technical manager: Isabel Toro
Transport & Logistic: Patrick Basin
Press & PR: Nadja Brendel, Dana Müller
Poster image: Carlos Luis Sánchez Becerra
Creative Technician: Franz Bazin
Media documentation: Rita Couto, Dico Baskoro

Funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste through the Bund Deutscher Amateur Teather under NEUSTART KULTUR #takeaction. Supported by Sari-Sari e. V., Brauhaus Neulich and Schillermarkt.