Traces of Degas

Choreography with workshop participants

Reniers with the workshop participants. Photo by Marcus Glahn.


Traces of Degas is a dance video installation and choreographic sketch by the dancer / choreographer Ruben Reniers. Made after a research visit on the invitation of the Nationalgalerie, Reniers takes inspiration from poses of statues. A state of static—bodily struggle to mimic the sturdiness of statues—is in constant exchange with movements: a fluid reality that marks life that avoids the rigidity of momentary snapshots. While Reniers’ performance is captured by the photographer Marco Baass into a video installation, the choreography is taught in a workshop to participants at the Haus Bastian. The music came last, providing both rigid structure required to accompany Reniers’ vision, while fluid enough to facilitate his pedagogical demands.


  • Choreography: Ruben Reniers
  • Video: Marco Baass
  • Music: Bilawa Ade Respati